Episode 005: Step 9 “Be There”

Episode Description:

The discussion on The 9 Beginner Steps to Raising Parents is concluded with the introduction of Step 9 “Be There.” Stories and tips are shared about how important being there emotionally for the aging adult you are caring for, as well as being there physically with them. Zack Demopoulos is your host and has guests provide insights. Guests include ComForCare employee, Cheryl Wilson, her mother, Anne Smith, client, Helen Mintz, and Paula Muller of Sociavi.  This show is dedicated to wife Phyllis and some fun awkward bloopers are shared at the end…

Show Notes:

  • Guest Cheryl Wilson, a ComForCare employee, and her mother Ann Smith open the show talking about a daughter caring for her mother.
  • Questions to be explored on this show: Is this as easy as it may sound?  What does it take to get to this point?  Is there a difference between being there for someone vs. with  Is there such a thing as someone NOT WANTING YOU TO BE THERE and can you be there for someone if you are a long distance adult kid?  
  • Zack celebrates a one month anniversary of producing the show–four shows in four weeks. He thanks his listeners.  He asks that listeners provide questions or request topics for future shows.  Contact Zack here!
  • Zack announces show will be on a vacation for two weeks returning on April 18th.
  • Step 9 “Be There”. Zack emphasizes that you really need to nail Step 1 “Be good to yourself” before you can “Be There” and reviews Steps 2 – 8 of the 9 Beginner Steps To Raising Parents which can be found here (click here)
  • Cheryl and Anne come back on the show and continue the discussion about a daughter caring for a mother. They share reasons why they have a very good relationship and why Anne is willing to listen to Cheryl’s guidance be open to her help.

  • Helen Mintz, a client, shares what to do when a spouse has died and how being there is very important.
  • Paula Muller, owner and creator of Sociavi, shares how loneliness and isolation is a big issue with seniors today and how important connecting with them is. Zack does not endorse her product nor any product on this show but endorses the subject of finding some kind of technology to “be there” even when you physically can’t.  Paula shares personal story about her in-laws living in Switzerland and how her father in law when he is up at night and can’t sleep is comforted by looking at the latest pictures downloaded of his grandchildren on Sociavi.
  • Zack shares that for those of you celebrating upcoming Easter and Passover, take this opportunity during these religious holidays to embrace family, especially your aging parents or an aging relative in your family. spend some extra time with them 1:1, quality time.  Be There for them and with
  • Zack gives his dedication to his wife Phyllis (see below)
  • Bloopers, awkward and funny moments are shared at the end of the show.
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This show is dedicated to Phyllis Demopoulos.  Phyllis is his bride of 30 years this July, his best friend and soul mate, his business partner and special guest co-host of the show.  He says “We do almost everything together.  She really supported my idea of creating a podcast and helped me with the first few shows.  Phyllis has always been there for me through thick and thin, highs and lows.  We’ve talked about how we want to grow old together but we both made it clear that we will need to hire help when the time comes that I need help…I am six foot five and 250 pounds and she is….well tiny.  You know, Mutt and Jeff for those of you who know who they are.   We have a special bond that will get us through anything.  We have fun too.  Speaking of…I promised you some bloopers.  Enjoy.  And Phyllis, thank you for being there for me.  I love you……”.


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