Episode 033: Hiring a Caregiver to Help You Care For Your Family Loved One Series (Part 5)

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Host Zack Demopoulos speaks with ComForCare Home Care Owner and Operator Renee Henriques about hiring caregivers to help you care for your family loved one.

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Hiring a caregiver to help you care for your family loved one series part 5.

Host Zack Demopoulos recently attended a ComForCare national conference and had the opportunity to speak with quite a few owners and operators  of ComForCare home care agencies from all over this continent.  He shares some great tips from these passionate providers that come from their experience of hiring many caregivers in these series.

In this episode he interviews Renee Henriques, owner and operator of ComForCare in Toronto Canada.

This show is sponsored by ComForCare, a national home care provider that will help you live your best life possible.

In previous Episode 26 and Episode 27   Zack discussed hiring home care to help you care for a family loved one so that they can continue to live at home independently and safely.  Home Care is Day 17 of the 30 Day Preparation Plan to care for an aging adult.

Renee shares personal experience with caring for her father.

Zack:  That’s Renee Henriques.  She owns and operates a ComForCare home care agency in Toronto.  We are going to hear more from Renee in this final episode, episdoe 33, of the series Hiring a caregiver to help you care for your family loved one.

Zack:  I asked Renee how did she know she was cut out for homecare?

Renee:  I have nursing background and have been through the home care experience twice.  There was no private home at the time and she could’ve used it and someone to have coached her along.

Zack:  Let’s go back to the story about Renee’s father.  I asked her what did she learn from that experience.

Renee:   Shares the story about how she handled her father who was confused wandering outside knocking on the doors of his neighbors.  She had to tell him that he had to move and that it was temporary.  She did it out of desperation.

Zack:  He was happier in the last five years of his life than he ever was.  That is a powerful story and brave of Renee to have made that decision and be honest enough to share that with us.  But you ask…what does that have to do with home care?  Who runs a home care agency is just as important as hiring that right caregiver.  With Renee at the helm of her home care operation and with all that personal raw experience,  you will get genuine and appropriate guidance that will steer you in the right direction of your caregiving journey.

Renee:   When I meet a family in the beginning of their caregiving journey, they usually do not know where to go and do not understand the system and since I have worked in the healthcare system for a long time I can add that value.  I know the person to sign up for assessment for Canada’s offering of free home care.  Alzheimer Society has great resources.

Zack:  What makes Renee unique is that she offers resources I do not usually hear from others or may not be top of mind, resources that are very valuable for you the caregiver.

Renee:  I offer various caregiver support chat rooms that anyone can access regardless of where you are from.

Zack asks her why is this so important?

Renee:  This can help calm a caregiver down.  Better decision making.  It helps in situations where some people may not want care and there are ways to work through that.

Zack:  You see, hiring a caregiver is more than just placing someone in your home.  A good agency should be able to help you, like Renee is suggesting here, with things like dealing with mom or dad who may be very resistant to having a stranger in their house.  Speaking of a caregiver coming to your house, I asked Renee what should a family expect from an agency as far as what they should be providing in way of a qualified and skilled caregiver?

Renee:  Caregivers should be bonded, insured.  Agency should be credible in terms of required documentation.  Ongoing education for caregivers.  Ways for the family to get what they need like a schedule and is someone on call 24 hours a day.

Zack:  Renee is obviously very experienced.  I wanted to take advantage of that and asked her to share with us some unique tips that caregivers should consider when caring a family loved one who may be confused or has dementia.

Renee:  One tip is when having a conversation with someone who is confused and they may not want to do what you want them to do is to buy some time.  Help them make that decision by making that time short for them.  Another tip is to avoid phrases such as “remember when”.  Third tip is be aware that they can read your moods.  If you are frustrated they will get frustrated.

This was Episode 33 and our final episode in the 5 part series of talking about hiring a caregiver to help you care for a family loved one.

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