Raising 'Rents is built on the philosophy of the "9 Beginner Steps To Raising Parents," (aka 'The 9 Be's"):
1. Be good to yourself
2. Be resourceful.
3. Be talking and be listening.
4. Be patient.
5. Be compassionate.
6. Be respectful.
7. Be fun.
8. Be loving.
9. Be there.
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Latest Episodes:

Episode 014: Day 5 – Should Mom or Dad Be Driving?

Episode Description: Host Zack Demopoulos launches his 30 day preparation plan to care for an aging adult.  In Day 5, he talks about what some of the signs are that Mom or Dad should not be driving anymore and how to take the keys away. Show Notes: Day 5:  Should Mom or Dad Be Driving? […]

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