Raising 'Rents is built on the philosophy of the "9 Beginner Steps To Raising Parents," (aka 'The 9 Be's"):
1. Be good to yourself
2. Be resourceful.
3. Be talking and be listening.
4. Be patient.
5. Be compassionate.
6. Be respectful.
7. Be fun.
8. Be loving.
9. Be there.
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Latest Episodes:

Episode 008: Part 2: How do you find a GCM, what are some resources to help you care for an aging parent, animal pet therapy

Episode Description: Host Zack Demopoulos continues his discussion with Wendy Sabin,  MSW, LCSW (check out Episode 007 for Part 1:  http://bit.ly/2sSpTIz) about how to hire a GCM (Geriatric Care Manager), resources they can help you with caring for your aging parents, Wendy’s dog Sophie who is training for pet animal therapy and how important this therapy.  […]

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Episode 005: Step 9 “Be There”

Episode Description: The discussion on The 9 Beginner Steps to Raising Parents is concluded with the introduction of Step 9 “Be There.” Stories and tips are shared about how important being there emotionally for the aging adult you are caring for, as well as being there physically with them. Zack Demopoulos is your host and […]

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