Raising 'Rents is built on the philosophy of the "9 Beginner Steps To Raising Parents," (aka 'The 9 Be's"):
1. Be good to yourself
2. Be resourceful.
3. Be talking and be listening.
4. Be patient.
5. Be compassionate.
6. Be respectful.
7. Be fun.
8. Be loving.
9. Be there.
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Latest Episodes:

Episode 003: 9 Beginner Steps to Raising Parents (part 3)

Show Notes: Step 5 “Be Compassionate.” Zack opens up asking “what are the top three things you want in an exceptional caregiver?” Compassion is the top choice after hiring over 300 professional caregivers. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (see full study here) showed that 40 seconds of compassionate communication from a physician […]

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Episode 002: 9 Beginner Steps to Raising Parents (part 2)

Show Notes: Step 3 “Be Talking and Listening.” Zack asks one of his clients, Helen Mintz, “Is there a good way to have a conversation with an aging parent so that you can tell them they need help and they will actually listen?!” Client gives real-life example and insights. Zack shares article by Toby Ehrlich, […]

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Episode 001: 9 Beginner Steps to Raising Parents (part 1)

Show Notes: Common themes can be seen whenever we think about experiences such as: running a home care agency, dealing with families of clients, caring for our own parents, or raising our own kids. We call those themes the 9 Beginner Steps to Raising Parents which are in no particular order except Step 1 “Be […]

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Episode 000: Introductory Show

Episode Description: The new Raising ‘Rents podcast series introduces itself.  Raising ‘Rents is the show that will share everything you need to know in caring for your aging parents.  Experts, adult kids, caregivers, and aging parents themselves share experiences about aging and how to care for aging adults. Zack Demopoulos is your host, and he […]

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