The Host

Hey everyone!

My name is Zack Demopoulos, and I would like to introduce myself as a husband, father, baby boomer, sandwicher (part of the sandwich generation), long distance caregiver, entrepreneur, home care provider, and now . . . a podcast host!  I like to think I’m just a regular guy, but my roots (son of Greek immigrant parents), birth country (Canada), country of citizenship (USA), 22 years of corporate life (Parke-Davis/Pfizer), 30 years of marriage to his best friend Phyllis (as of July 2017), 8 years of home care business partnership with Phyllis (as of May 2017), ex- and current “roommates” (aka my three mid 20’s adult kids), newly acquired daughter-in-law (and her family), dog Athena (Greek doggess), and probably most of my family, friends, and employees will tell you otherwise.

Some things in life I am passionate about include: traveling and having happy hour with Phyllis and our kids, visiting my Mom in North Carolina . . . but for limited time (smile), Friday afternoon drive home phone calls with mom & pops (in-laws), doing anything outdoors in New Jersey during all four seasons, riding my “Betsy” (mountain bike converted to an “acceptable” road bike), weekly drives in my truck to the recycling center, reading historical fiction, chatting with elders and hearing stories from “back in the day”…..just to mention few.

See, regular guy stuff.  However, in 2017 I decided to “give back” from all of my blessings in life and created the podcast “Raising ‘Rents” that I hope will help (and warn!) adult kids to manage the reality of having to one day help raise their own parent or an aging adult.