Episode 029: Hiring a Caregiver (Part 1) with Tom Bolander

Episode Description:

Host Zack Demopoulos speaks with ComForCare Home Care Provider Tom Bolander  about hiring caregivers to help you care for your family loved one.

Show Notes:

Host Zack Demopoulos recently attended a ComForCare national conference and had the opportunity to speak with quite a few owners and operators  of ComForCare home care agencies from all over this continent.  He shares some great tips from these passionate providers that come from their experience of hiring many caregivers in these series.

In this episode he interviews Tom Bolonder, owner and operator of a ComForCare home care agency in Annapolis Maryland right on Chesapeake Bay.

This show is sponsored by ComForCare, a national home care provider that will help you live your best life possible.  https://comforcare.com/

In previous Episode 26 and Episode 27   Zack discussed hiring home care to help you care for a family loved one so that they can continue to live at home independently and safely.  Home Care is Day 17 of the 30 Day Preparation Plan to care for an aging adult.

Tom share:

  • What they do as a home care provider. The right agency has to be hiring the right caregivers.
  • Gives an example of a client and what his caregiver does for them.
  • Caregivers are usually referred by other caregivers. A good agency will treat them well, invest in training, have a mentor program
  • Tom and his wife hire for heart, like the Chic Fil A model.
  • Talks about the importance of doing reference checks on that caregiver with clients they have cared for in the past.
  • How to hire for heart: Sit down and talk with them, you can tell when you sit down and talk with them, genuine care. Have they taken care of their own family? Volunteered?

Tom shared questions you should be asking a home care agency in hiring a caregiver for their family loved one:

  1. What are the minimum hours?
  2. Will it be the same caregiver for all shifts?
  3. What kind of training do the caregivers go through?
  4. How do you vet your caregivers?
  5. What is the cost?
  6. Can you get references?
  7. Do they drive to appointments?
  8. Do they cook?
  9. How often will you report back to us?

Thank you for joining us for Episode 29.  Join us for the next episode where we continue our series on hiring a caregiver to help you care for a family loved one.

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Tom and Sue Bolander

Phone: (443) 906-6282

Fax: (443) 906-6284


846 Ritchie Hwy, Suite L-2

Severna Park, MD 21146



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